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Mission Statement

The Professional Practice Committee's mission is to demystify what typically obscures the practice of architecture and to address issues common to architectural practice in New York City.  Through dialogue and research, we seek to illuminate and share the best practices of the profession; benefiting our member firms while nurturing the next generation of professionals.

Committee Co-chairs

Philip Anzalone
Carisima Koenig

Recent Committee Events

2015 Transforming Architectural Practice Series

The Transforming Architectural Practice Series explores emerging topics in the management of business in the A&E industry such as new media, more diverse service offerings, fiscal opportunities and talent management. We draw on the experiences and successes of individuals in related design and creative professions to meet the needs of mid-career and entrepreneurial professionals who are looking for ideas to grow both established practices and new ventures.

Past Committee Events

2014 Transforming Architectural Practice Series

Other 2014 programming

First day on the Job: A Workshop for Emerging Professionals (September 21)

A forum for recent architectural graduates and students with a focus on the transition from the academy to the office, and to introduce the rewards available while working in architecture to a community of young professionals.


2013 Transforming Architectural Practice Series


2012 Architects’ Fast-Track Leadership Series

The Architects' Fast-Track Leadership Series (AFTL) is a ten session series. Instructors are firm principals and/or recognized professional practice leaders, with expertise in the session topic. The series is designed to provide up and coming firm members a practical exploration of practice management topics which will aide them as they transition to leadership roles. The intended audiences are interns and mid-career associates who are motivated toward developing their firm management skills.

·       Financial Management (February 27)

·       Risk Management Architectural Law (March 12)

·       Understanding Clients (April 9)

·       Business Development, Marketing and PR (April 23)

·       Technology/Info Management (May 7)

·       Project Management I (May 21)

·       Project Management II (June 4)

·       Human Resources (June 12)

·       Transition Planning (June 18)


Other 2012 Programming

Intellectual Property and the Design Profession: Panel Discussion (November 28)

·       eOculus Summary

This panel discussion explored the varied issues around intellectual property rights and their application to the design profession. Intellectual Property Law has its basis in the Constitution which expressly authorizes Congress to “promote the progress of Science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to respective writings and discoveries. The panel included legal, architectural and landscape design perspectives. Issues ranged from protection of design concepts to the ownership of the building information model. Speakers included a lawyer with a specialty in the subject, designers who have met the challenge of negotiating credit for their work, and architects grappling with the thorny issue of distributing their BIM model. 

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