Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about purchasing and using AIA Contract Documents. If you have a legal or technical question about the content of a contract document, please call the AIA National Document Hotline at 202-526-7526.

Are AIA Documents only available to AIA Members?
No, anyone may purchase and use the AIA Contract Documents.

Do members receive a discount?
AIA Members receive a 10% discount.

Can the AIA New York Chapter fax or email me a PDF of the Document I need?
Our Chapter sells paper, hard-copies of AIA Documents. These copies are not available in electronic format, are protected by U.S. copyright law and cannot be copied, faxed or reproduced electronically. If you would like to purchase Documents in Electronic format please see the instructions about purchasing a software license from the AIA.

How can I obtain copies of AIA Contract Documents for educational use in a class or seminar?
Requests to make copies of AIA Contract Documents for use in school or other instructional courses may be made by e-mail to: or by calling (202) 626-7348.

Can I copy, modify, and reuse an AIA Contract Document previously created or used for another project?
No. AIA Contract Documents are copyrighted works. The limited license that the AIA grants to users of its Contract Documents does not permit copying a document for use on a project other than the project for which the document was first completed or created. Any reuse of a document for another project is a violation of federal copyright law.

How can I purchase an out-of-date AIA Contract Document to use in arbitration, litigation, or research?
The AIA does not sell out-of-print AIA Contract Documents or make them available for project use. Sample copies desired for legal research, arbitration, a court case, or other litigation may be available by sending an e-mail request to: or by calling (202) 626-7348.

Can I scan a document in order to complete or use the document? Can I retype a document into a word processing program in order to complete or use the document?
No. Either scanning or retyping an AIA Contract Document without written permission of the AIA violates federal copyright law.

How much do paper AIA Contract Documents cost?
To see prices for paper documents sold by the AIA Store in Washington, D.C., click here.

The AIA does not set the prices for documents sold by local distributors. Please contact your local distributor to obtain information about their prices. A list of distributors may be viewed by clicking here.

The current price list and order form for the AIA NY Chapter is here.

Still more Questions?
For a detailed FAQ from AIA National, please click here or contact the AIA New York Chapter at 212-358-6113.

Ready to buy? Click here for general information about purchasing documents from the AIA NY Chapter.


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